We remember our life through our mind.
We share our life through our photographs.

David Silver 
An avid photographer since his early teens, David has developed into a highly-distinguished artist behind the camera. He boasts over 35 years of professional experience and has had his photographs showcased in galleries throughout New York City and the Hudson River Valley.
David graduated from Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y. with a bachelor’s of arts degree in photography in 1983. At Bard, he combined his passion with a mastering of the technical aspects of photography, and emerged as a highly-skilled artist. David credits much of his early success to the esteemed faculty at Bard whom he studied under, including Stephen Shore and Douglas Baz.
A New York Tri-State area native and resident, David has a deep appreciation for the unique beauty that the region offers. His familiarity with the region coupled with his time at Bard made the Hudson River Valley an ideal choice for his first of many photographs.
Over the last three decades, David has traveled throughout the country and around the world, from the mountains of Wyoming to the Mediterranean coast of San Remo, Italy and beyond. He has used everything from an 8x10 view camera and a 4x5 view camera to a medium format and a 35mm digital SLR to capture hundreds of varied landscape, cityscape, architectural stills, and portraits.
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